It's the day after the Sowood show and I'm very happy indeed. Today, the first Variegated buck we every received from the lovely David Bumford - Edelweiss - not only won his class, but also came first in the Marked Challenge (Adult) but also came quite close to winning the Best Marked Mouse, bringing home the Best Opposite Age title instead. At Manchester, he only managed to come third in class but now he's bumped his way up under a different judge, and after being separated from his mate for a few days, he is now back with her, and will hopefully produce another litter with some winners within it.

Sowood was a fabulous show and once again, I've come home with more than I can carry in advice and pride, rather than stock. However, I did return home with some mice, whom I've been waiting upon for weeks. Thanks to the combined efforts of Sarah Yeomans (Blackthorn Stud) and Sarah Cudbill that I've not only received four Berkshire rats, but also recieved a three beautiful black foxes from Gary Bayldon. Both does are already pregnant, but the buck has sadly picked up a respiratory infection. Hopefully the does will give birth to some little stunners and give me some good little foxes to work with for showing.

I also managed to pick up two extra rats, thanks to Yankee Doodle stud; a dumbo husky buck and a fuzzy self doe. All the rats will be a part of my rattery - Anesidora Rattery - which will be few in number and only breeding on the rare occasion, in the return.

The next show is on June 11th (as I'll be missing the Leicester one, most likely) which will be the Honley Agricultural show. Here's hoping I have some more wins then!
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