January 6th, 2011 - Rosewood Mousery
Hello and welcome to Rosewood Mousery's brand new website. Our previous website was having problems with a few unwanted guests who were attempting to hack the site, so we have closed it down and instead switched from webs.com to weebly. com. The difference in the two isn't substantial, but we have been using webs for a while and we thought it would be time to give something else a go.

Anyway, to the mice!

This week, Rosewood welcomed it's first litter. On tuesday we went to derby to pick up a breeding pair from a young boy who had been breeding the two for a while. The doe, (who we named Fudge) and the buck (who we named Toffee) had just had another litter on the 29th of December, and fortunately we found them on a very good website called 'Preloved', and saved the 7 young pups from being fed to the boy's snake collection.

Fudge and Toffee have settled in well and are a very tame pair who enjoy being handled. Fudge is a black self, while Toffee is a chocolate self. The pair's seven pups are now just over a week old and have been wriggling about in the nest today. We have sexed them and found that there are 5 does and 2 bucks. The bucks have already been named Korin and Bandit, but the girls are still awaiting theirs. It looks like we might be keeping all 7, but so far we are undecided. Three of the pups were banded chocolates (2 female, 1 male), three are black selfs (1 male, 2 females), and one little female is a chocolate satin self - Rosewood's first self.

At the moment, seeing as the pair have been kept together all of their lives, we are unsure as to whether or not Fudge is pregnant again, but she appears so. We can only wait and see. After seeing these little ones, we tried to breed a few others with Toffee and Demon yesterday, but so far, we are unsucessful as Eido, Nemo and Dory were being a little grumpy.

On the hamster front, we have had two escapes this week, both from Mickey. He has discovered how to open his cage doors, so now they are pressed against a wall and padlocked. Cruel but fair, as he is on top of a book case and fell off yesterday, so we don't want him injured. Kracker is being her usual, nutty self and climbing the bars on top of her cage in army style so it looks like we made need to get her a rope or a ladder to hang from the bars so she can climb, since she has not once wasted her boundless energy on running on a wheel so far.

That's all for today, thanks for reading!
2/17/2011 05:27:54

I'll be keeping an eye on here, will be wanting a fair few does as soon as I move out, which hopefully won't be too long!


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